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A path to the inner center

My soul’s mission is to guide people to their inner balance in order to gain health, happiness and vitality.

Life energy

As a Zhineng Qigong Teacher, Detox Coach, Body Therapist and Medical Massage Therapist, all my health services have one common goal:

to harmonize the energy flow within the body.

Vitality and well-being

The importance of Qigong


While living in Asia (Malaysia, Brunei) for several years with my family, I came into contact with authentic Qigong over 10 years ago and completed several months of training and further education in Malaysia (Penang) and China (Tai’an) with Master Zhen and Master Zhu to become a qualified Zhineng Qigong Practitioner.

The right balance of the life energy Qi leads to health, vitality and well-being. Then Qi flows gently and harmoniously through meridians and organs.

Many eastern and western massage techniques as well as exercises from Zhineng Qigong have a direct effect on the harmonious balance of Qi. This is because an imbalance of the energy flow can have negative health effect.



Let beauty
fill your world

A path to the inner center

Wir können das eigene Qi auf verschiedene Weisen stärken und in Balance bringen. Ich freue mich, wenn ich Sie ein Stück weit auf dem Weg in die innere Mitte begleiten darf.
Hot Stones


In addition to classic massages, I also offer more profound treatments that rebalance body
and mind. Reflexology, for example, can provide permanent relief from various forms of
pain and stress.

Meditation Gruppe

Together with experts I regularly organize retreats on different topics and with shamanic
rituals in Portugal’s beautiful nature …

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My workshops always have a specific theme and focus on learning effective exercises in a
short period of time that help you strengthen your Qi and regain inner balance.

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