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Life Energy

Beause I lived in Asia (Malaysia, Brunei) with my family for many years, I got in touch with the authentic Qigong more than ten years ago. I completed several months of education and training in Malaysia (Penang) and China (Tai’an) with Master Zhen and Master Zhu to become a certified Zhineng Qigong Practitioner.

In addition to my massages, I offer workshops and ongoing Zhineng Qigong exercise courses. As an organizer I occasionally invite well-known Zhineng Qigong teachers and grand masters to Europe to conduct workshops.


Flow of life energy

Kerzen Zhineng Qigong

The exercises of the Zhineng Qigong have one common goal: the harmonious equilibrium of the life energy Qi. Chinese tradition speaks of Qi, Japanese of Ki, the Indian tradition calls it Prana, the Tibetan refers to it as Lung – the cosmic force that gives life to everything.

The movement sequences of Zhineng Qigong help to cultivate our energy reserves. We learn again how it feels to be one with ourselves and the world; when we are in our center, not driven by the outside, nor blocked by clinging to inner thought patterns, but when we are in the flow of the everlasting life energy.


Energy in Balance

Qi flows through the energetic channels in our body, the so-called meridians. Through these, Qi is connected to organs and the organ systems. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the meridian system plays the leading role in healing and maintaining health. If there is too little Qi flowing through our meridians, they are blocked.

Or do we have too much Qi in some parts of our body? Or maybe the Qi flows too slowly or too fast?

Dr. Pang Ming

Founder of Zhineng Qigong

DR Pang Ming

Dr. Pang Ming (born in September 1940) is the founder of Zhineng Qigong.

Since childhood, he studied Qigong, Taiji and Chinese martial arts under 19 different grandmasters. Dr. Pang Ming studied medicine at the Beijing Medical School, and practiced medicine from 1958, but in the following years he specialized in traditional Chinese medicine with a focus on acupuncture. It was only after this that he began to research Qigong intensively.

In the early 1980s, Dr. Pang Ming developed Zhineng Qigong, an easy-to-learn, but at the same time the most effective form of Qigong. Driven by the desire to help sick people, he founded the Huaxia Training and Healing Center, the largest “no-medicine” hospital in China, where he trained over 300,000 patients – or as he called them “students” – over the years.

Be one with
the universe


Learn to find your inner equilibrium with Zhineng Qigong, bring your Qi flow back into harmony and cultivate your energetic balance permanently. Just 20 minutes per day are enough to prevent diseases.

Zhineng Qigong is divided into different levels, which are learned and trained consecutively.

Level 1

“Qigong gifts you with the suppleness of a child, the serenity of a sage, and the health of a woodcutter.”

Sabine Jahnke Sonne
Lift Qi up Pour Qi down

The basic exercise of Zhineng Qigong.

In this exercise, you work with the outer Qi (universal, primal Qi).

The purpose of this exercise is to absorb and release Qi so that it can strengthen and redistribute itself throughout the body. The energetic pathways in the body (meridians) open up and can now allow the free flow of life energy. Diseases can be warded off and healing processes can be promoted.

Hände offen
Three Centers Merge Methode

The Three Centers Merge method is the most meditative form of Zhineng Qigong. It is a standing meditation in which the energy of the three centers (crown, hands and feet) unite in the lowest Dantian.

Standing meditation is an important exercise for martial artists in China for grounding and stability. This exercise strengthens one’s health and serves to relax the torso, hips and coccyx.

Sabine Jahnke
La Qi

La Qi is part of the elementary method in Zhineng Qigong and a simple technique to activate
ones elf-healing powers. By opening the hands, the connection with the universe is created,
and when closing the hands, the Qi is collected.

Constant repetitions intensify the collected Qi, and the energy is palpable.

Level 2
Body and Mind Methode

At level 2, one also works with the inner Qi. The movement sequences are more complex. Most of the exercises can also be performed individually. This method activates the Qi in joints, ligaments, skin, hair, fingertips, toes.

The exercises unite body and mind. Tension in muscles and joints is released. Energy flows harmoniously through the meridians in the body. The exercises enhance concentration and also improve intelligence, according to Dr. Pang Ming.



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