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My soul’s mission is to guide people to their inner balance in order to gain health, happiness
and vitality.




On my personal path I experienced healing on all levels, within myself and within others. I witnessed many so-called miracles, and at the same time I learned how to access our soul and activate healing by letting our Qi flow freely.

I was also invited to accept limits and witness people healing at first and then continuing their journey behind the veils of perception. I can still remember the key events that set me on the path I walk today with absolute joy and dedication.

Sabine Jahnke Strand

I knew very early on that I wanted to work with and help human beings because I liked being in touch with people. So I started following my deepest wish, that is helping others, as early as in the 1980s.

I always wanted to work in the healthcare-field. Therefore, I completed various trainings in massage and body therapy.

Be one with
the universe

30 years of experience


My 30+ years of practical experience in bodywork and energy continues to inform my practice today. It has broadened and deepened over the years. My main focuses are: Classical Massage, Trigger Points, Foot Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage and Bodymoments as well as my own deep connectedness to Zhineng Qigong, which I share in classes, workshops and retreats. I do not know if Zhineng Qigong found me or if I found Zhineng Qigong, but we have been connected for many years.

I first came into contact with Qigong in Asia when I moved to Brunei with my family and lived there for several years. There, I became acquainted with a training center in Penang, Malaysia, and took a course instructor training for some weeks. Curiosity turned into a deep healing experience. I felt how my metabolism was activated, how my whole body changed positively and how my mind became more and more calm. During my training, I was able to witness healings of many other participants, even in the case of serious illnesses. That was incredibly impressive.

During my training in Asia, I took one of my daughters to Penang for a training period. She had been suffering heavily from neurodermatitis for years. After one week of Zhineng Qigong, her condition improved by 50 % and subsequently healed completely.



Sabine Jahnke Strand

My daily motivation is my own morning Qigong practice because it energizes me and adds to the quality of my day. My curiosity about the day enables me to see into its unimagined possibilities. I love to be inspired and enjoy the company of open-hearted people and good conversations, sit by the fire, on the beach or enjoy enchanting gardens.

My soul’s mission


  • Masseuse and balneotherapist | Dr. Lenhart vocational school
  • Manual lymphatic drainage | Dr. Vodder School
  • Foot reflexology | Bojanowski, Rosenheim
  • Chinese foot reflexology | Christian Reikowski
  • Dorn therapy | Laurent Billter, Munich
  • Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jakobsen | Dagmar Brunn-Griener
  • Shiatsu Level 1 and 2 | European Shiatsu Institute, Munich
  • Hot Stone Massage | Eichhorn Schleinkofer, Bad Wörishofen
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Triggerpoints | Bruno Blum
  • Zhineng Qigong | Malaysia, Penang
  • Bodymoments | Dagmar Richter
  • Zhineng Qigong | China, Tai’an
  • Craniosacral Trauma Therapy | Anne Mohr-Bartsch



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About Zhineng Qigong

Sabine Jahnke Sand

While living in Asia (Malaysia, Brunei) for several years with my family, I came into contact with authentic Qigong in 2008 and was trained as a qualified Zhineng Qigong teacher in Malaysia (Penang) and China (Tai’an) with Master Zhen and Master Zhu.

In addition to my practice, I offer workshops and ongoing practice courses in Zhineng Qigong. I always invite well-known teachers and grandmasters of Zhineng Qigong to Europe for my workshops. Since 2022 I have been offering specific retreats in the Algarve region in Portugal.

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Body & Soul in Balance


There are many and ongoing press reports about the healing effects of Zhineng Qigong and my work.

Here you can get a little insight: